Mr.Sumesh has been a glittering star in the field of educational counseling for the last 8 Years. He is a motivational speaker and his rhetorical skills , vast knowledge and excellent communication skills helped hundreds of students to identify their right path forward. He is an academician, mentor and guide to more than 2000 young students


Corporate training essentially is a method of professional development activities meant to educate employees on appropriate corporate behaviour. Sumesh offers different programs for corporate entities to enhance their business activities. Any person who is in decision making position (CEOs, COOs, Chairmen, Presidents, Vice- Presidents, Head of the departments, Politicians, Head of the NGOs etc.) can participate to make it useful for their daily awares.

  • As the head of the organization or department, do you struggle in decision making, planning and execution?
  • Do you have confusion in vision, mission, value of you and your organisation?
  • Do you wish to develop the skills to create new leaders in your organization?
  • Do you wish to develop your conceptual and human skills required to lead your organization?
  • Do you desire to make an impact in your organization, and contribute to the society?


Success in life heavily relies on one’s personality and character. To improve your personality and gear up to way to success attend personality improvement programs conducted by Sumesh Sukumaran. Definitely his experiences and motivations are going to help you in bringing up the talents inside yourself. Succeed in your life achieve your dreams.

  • Get positive thought pattern in everything around you.
  • Gain confidence in your day to day life..
  • Enhance behavior and develop a healthy physique.
  • Learn better communication.